Markus & Andrea Eschbach

The essential joy of being with horses
is that it brings us in contact with
the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit, and fire.

(By Sharon Ralls Lemon)

Horseback riding with heart and open mind

Non violent methods of horse training
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Andrea & Markus Eschbach Horsemanship Farm in Switzerland!






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Andrea & Markus Eschbach-Kindler 
Eichhaldenstrasse 23 (Google Maps)
CH-5322 Koblenz

Tel. +41 78 892 16 22





Have a look at our book "Riding Free".

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Be the change you want to see in the world!

Dear horsefriend, welcome to our website!
Welcome to the fascinating world of horses and harmonious, bit-less riding!
We are successful bookauthors and internationally renowned horsemanship trainers. Since 1998, we promote and teach non-violent methods of horse training. Be it with your own horse, or with one of our own well-trained school horses, our extensive knowledge and skills in training and educating horses allow us to confidently help you with deepening your practice.
Do you need support with training or stretching your horse or would you like to learn how to ride bit-less? If so, give us a call. We welcome riders of any level and riding style. We also cater for non-riders who would like to get introduced to the world of horses, people who are keen on learning the language of these sensitive animals or those who just want to learn to ride. We also offer private clinics at your stable. 
Come and join us in creating a better world, with no violence, for both horses and humans!
If you have any questions about clinics in the USA, UK or other countries, write us an email

Also have a look at our book 'Riding Free'   
Where to order see here


We use a bit-less bridle, developed by Dr. Robert Cook
Our program offers the following:
* Riding: a 4 day course in Fine Riding without Bit & Horsemanship, for beginners and advanced
* Ground work: 2 day courses
  • Round Pen Training
  • Leadrope Training
  • Double Longing (Two line longeing)
  • Lead training
  • Dual activation
  • Shy training and Trailparcour
  • TTEAM according to Linda Tellington-Jones
* 1 year education/training (11 modules)
* Coaching for Managers and People in Leading Positions


Markus & Andrea Eschbach

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