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There is strong evidence to ride a horse without a bridle and metallic pieces: the mouth is not affected, the horse learns to respond to subtle signals, creating a new trust relationship between man and horse.

In "Riding free" we show the practical and safe way to ride with more freedom, on the basis of step-by-step instructions. We introduce the bitless bridle, riding with the neck ring and riding without a saddle.


We focus on minimizing the equipment and show, by examples, how to train horses and ride in all the harmony that is possible. After all, trust, attention, care and clarity are important prerequisite for success.


With scientific research to prove their point, trainers Andrea and Markus Eschbach show readers how they can train and ride horses in a way that is safe, even when using very little equipment/minimal tack. This book is the first step toward your dream of riding your horse bareback, without a bit, and even without a bridle, while still feeling secure and in control.

Open your mind and prepare to discover how you can ride confidently and in control without a bit, without a bridle, without a saddle—even without all three! In fact, you can prepare your horse to react to the most subtle of aids and the lightest of touches so you feel safe whether you are riding with traditional tack, or not.

Riding Free examines the psychology and physiology of the horse and how a bit in his mouth and a saddle on his back impacts his state of mind and body. Then, basic how-to steps walk you through using a bitless bridle (for everyday training as well as competition); a neck ring (with or without a saddle); and mounting and riding bareback, at all gaits. In addition, you’ll find specific exercises for perfecting communication between horse and rider, both on the ground and on your horse’s back.

Read a review of Riding Free from the Horseman's Yankee Pedlar.

Here is a review from "The Sweet Feed" December 1, 2011:

Riding Free

I used to ride my sometimes high-headed gelding with a martingale and a gentle enough bit, but it did have cheekpieces. I rode bareback sometimes, but for the most part, I schooled him in full tack. These days, however, my life is different. Our family's 19-year-old Paint mare, Sugar, is not really in training. She just exists to please. My young daughter rides Sugar the most, and her preferred mode is with a bitless Dr. Cook bridle and no tack. Very low-key.

So I was happy to see that German horse trainers Andrea and Markus Eschbach, endorse my daughter's choices. They often ride without tack. They list some familiar reasons for their decisions--Dr. Cook's research on the damage bits can cause, the absolute joy and unity felt when riding bareback--and some newer ones, too. The Eschbachs respond to pretty much every question you've wondered if you've seen this type of riding before--like "Where is the emergency brake?" (Interval braking, well-trained horse, and the simple fact that bitted and saddled horses don't really have an emergency brake, either.)

The whole book has a very accessible, down-to-earth tone--there is even a page on how to contact the authors--and while you can tell it has been translated from the German, it reads smoothly and with all consciousness about English idioms. The Eschbachs eschew much of the salesmanship that some clinicians can't seem to avoid; they don't want you to buy their particular neck loop, they just want to tell you how and why to use one.

Although the Eschbachs include a caveat at the book's beginning about how you should wear a helmet even though theydon't, it's a little unnerving to see the photos of them riding helmetless at full gallop. After reading their writing, however, you understand the premium they place on naturalness. (Still, wear a helmet.) Their main point is how much your riding affects your life. "We actually believe that 'Riding Free' not only applies to your horse," they write, "but also to you. Free yourself from the constraints, burdens, and stresses of your daily routine and concentrate only on the partner that is carrying you."

Sometimes, I have to admit, I have looked at my daughter and thought the whole scene, while adorable, was also a little haphazard. Shouldn't she have a cute saddle pad and set of anti-grazing reins and a grab strap on her polished English saddle, like the other kids?

Now, thanks to the Eschbachs, I know better.



128 Pages
ISBN-10: 1570764840
ISBN-13: 978-1570764844
Trafalgar Square Books


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How to Speak "Horse": A Horse-Crazy Kid's Guide to Reading Body Language, Understanding Behavior, and "Talking Back" with Simple Groundwork

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Horses have their very own language—they communicate with the movement of their body, their expression, and the distance they close, maintain, or increase between them and an object or person of interest. This language is integral to understanding their behavior and how to train them—the ability to recognize fear, frustration, willingness, and happiness is important to a handler’s safety and success, on the ground and in the saddle.

Now horse trainers Andrea and Markus Eschbach have created easy lessons in “horse speak” for horse-crazy kids. Their book, chock full of beautiful color photographs, explains the basics of horse body language and how to “talk back.” With a focus on groundwork that is safe and fun for children, this lovely book offers a one-of-a-kind introduction to the keys to natural horsemanship and how good communication can keep you safe in everything you do with your horse.

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Reading level: Ages 7 and up
Hardcover: 32 pages
Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books
Language: English
Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds

Author: Andrea & Markus Eschback

Illustrations: 104 color photos

ISBN: 9781570765322
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